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Jean McClendon, operations manager, is a professional who has been recognized for her innovative business practices and concepts. She has been recognized by the St. Louis Business Journal, The St. Louis American, The City of St. Louis, and the Small Business Monthly and others, as one of the top business women in St. Louis. Aside from her business acumen, McClendon is also a registered nurse and a maternal child health nurse practitioner. 

We can provide a list of preferred caterers who will provide delicious food with the highest standards. At Friends your safety is of the utmost important.

Friends staff will do everything possible to ensure you a wonderful event. Management believes that everyone who walks through Friend's door deserves the very best. Our goal is to remain professional, courteous and hospitable at all times.

If, at any time, you observe a problem of any kind at Friends, please bring it to our attention immediately. We want to please you. 

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