1. Who can participate? Seniors 55+ years who wish to participate in a program that enhances their independence; and persons with limited disabilities or impairments who desire a productive way to pass the day, are also welcome!

2. How can I enroll myself or others?  Enrollment is easy! Visit our location and speak with a staff member who can sign you up.

3. Is daily attendance required? No. Participants may choose which days to attend our Club.

4. What forms of payment do you accept? Some private insurance may cover adult day care costs. Medicaid will cover costs for Medicaid recipients. Visa and MasterCard and Discover, money orders, are also accepted.

5. Do You Operate on Weekends? No. Our operating hours are Monday-Friday from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm, only.

6. Do you provide meals?  Yes. Enrollment includes daily breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack. We also will have a food pantry.

7. Is transportation available? Yes. Enrollment includes arranged roundtrip transportation. More information to come!

Participant Benefits

• Contracted roundtrip transportation to/from home, doctor’s appointments, and other designated locations
• Daily breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack
• Full-time registered nurse and social worker onsite to provide social services and administer medical care
• Full and part-time membership enrollment and services
• Frequently scheduled activities designed to both entertain and stimulate participants, mentally and physically
• Planned off-campus activities to enhance the recreational experience
• Private health screenings and informational sessions to enhance participants well-being.


A Meeting Place

Who We Are

​​Friends Adult Day Care & Club, located in the heart of Midtown St. Louis, is a community resource for independent seniors who desire a safe, comfortable, and “home-like” environment where they can gather to enjoy fun, healthy activities.

Our day care & club is staffed with caring professionals, including an onsite nurse practitioner and social worker. Participants may socialize, receive assistance with medical visits, and participate in a wide variety of activities that are informative, engaging and fun! 
Our goal is to ensure that every participant feels at home!

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